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Interview on Cannabis Radio

Posted on June 30, 2016

Hear Kimberly Simms interviewed on Cannabis Radio, speaking about the implications of the California Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act.

San Diego Policy Changes Impact Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted on March 16, 2016

An update to the city of San Diego’s land development code will make it just a little bit easier to find a location for a medical marijuana dispensary. For the past few years, the city’s policy was to disqualify proposed dispensaries if they were within 1,000 feet of sensitive uses (parks, schools, churches, childcare centers or another dispensary) and the 1,000 feet was measured in a straight line, regardless of any topographical or constructed barriers.   In laymen’s terms, this meant that a dispensary location was disqualified  – EVEN IF there was a freeway or a river separating the dispensary and the sensitive use which would obviously diminish the concern over the proximity of the sensitive use.  With the changes made, the city will now measure distance along city streets or sidewalks.  This means that a dispensary can open within 1,000 feet of a sensitive use if there is a freeway, wall or some other topographical feature in between the the dispensary and sensitive use.  This common sense approach should be applauded and praised.

New Year – New Marijuana Policies

Posted on January 4, 2016

As marijuana legalization continues to gain momentum, policy analysts predict that 2016 will be the biggest and strongest year for our favorite green plant.   Rob Kampia, the co-founder and executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project does an excellent job at outlining the changes in marijuana law can expect to see at the Federal and State Level in 2016.   Kampia predicts that we will continue to see spending bills which include amendments prohibiting the DOJ from interfering with state marijuana and hemp laws.   However, don’t expect President Obama to make some grand declaration ending marijuana prohibition during his last year in office.  At the state level – Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada are the most buzzed about states to pass marijuana legalization through the ballot initiative process and Vermont, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania are well posed to legalize marijuana via the legislative process.   Perhaps most exciting for many cannabis consumers is the possibility that some states might allow for  the on-site consumption of marijuana in business establishments.  The three locations that are most likely to allow some kind of on-site consumption are Alaska, Denver, and the District of Columbia.  Cheers to a wonderful 2016!

Congress Reauthorizes State Marijuana Protections

Posted on December 17, 2015

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, Congress renewed the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment which continues to prohibit the Department of Justice and DEA from interfering with state medical marijuana programs.  The renewal of this spending amendment will continue to thwart the federal government’s efforts in arresting or prosecuting patients and businesses who are complying with their state’s cannabis laws.  The renewal of the amendment signals that members of Congress will continue to work towards ending the war on marijuana.   It is widely held sentiment that taxpayer dollars should not be spent to prosecute and harass cannabis users and compliant businesses operating in the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.

Marijuana Legalization in the 2016 Election

Posted on November 9, 2015

Marijuana legalization will be front and center as we head into the 2016 election cycle.  A large number of states will run legalization initiatives and for the first time, Presidential candidates are being forced to discuss their position on marijuana policy.  Politicians  are finally beginning to embrace ending federal prohibition and the war on drugs.  However, it remains critical that politicians frame the issue carefully, balancing public safety with social justice so they do not alienate voters in swing states.  Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders made a call to end federal prohibition.  Hillary Rodham Clinton told an audiences in Oregon and Colorado that marijuana businesses in states where it is legal need relief from federal restrictions.  As the election cycle continues on, both the republican and democratic presidential candidates will continue to discuss their position on marijuana legalization.  Stay tuned!



Colorado Cannabis Users File Class-Action

Posted on October 7, 2015

Two Colorado patients file the first class-action lawsuit against a marijuana company over pesticides.  This case highlights the ongoing debate on what pesticides are safe for cultivators to use on their plants.  The lawsuit against LivWell Inc. by Brandan Flores and Brandie Larrabee alleges the company has been using Eagle 20.  Eagle 20 is a heavy-hitting pesticide with myclobutanil that kills a variety of pests endangering the plants.   It’s a petroleum-based fungicide that’s used on crops like hops and fruit trees but not on plants like tobacco, since it releases hydrogen cyanide, a toxic gas, when burned.